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Full & Quick AntiVirus Scans

Track the latest threats and remove potential problems at first detection. Quick Scan ensures your PC's most targeted zones are safe from attack, while the Full Scan deep-cleans your entire system.

Active Protection

Block incoming malware and cyber threats in real time. This automated warning system prevents infections before a scan or clean is even necessary.

Web Defender

Monitor online threats to protect your PC while you browse the web. Prevent access to malicious websites and customize the defender to allow websites that you know are safe.


Stay safe in all the right places: Control access to prevent threats on unsafe or unfamiliar networks. Each connection is monitored and restricted based on threat levels determined by your security settings.

Privacy Protection

Protect against identity theft with six complete cleanup scans and two powerful, permanent data shredders. Safeguard credit card, banking, health care, and other sensitive formation by regularly removing cookies and user history.

Secure File Shredder

Permanently remove unwanted files with military-grade digital shredding. Secure file shredder overwrites data up to seven times, leaving no trace of the original file.

Scheduling & Automation

Maintain a safe and secure system with regularly scheduled malware and privacy scans. Automated tasks keep your PC clean with a single click.

PC Optimization

Unlock your PC's true potential with Digital Care's performance tool kit. Free up space, clean up your registry, manage startup and more.


Prevent your files from being accessed or encrypted by locking them down, safe from dangerous programs. Allow safe programs to access your files by adding them to a list of trusted applications.